"The highest message of religious and spiritual wisdom is that the human form of life is a matchless gift of God and it should be utilized to perfect human consciousness and to realize the full meaning of life."

"The spiritual traditions of the world teach us to discover the purpose, vision and plan of God behind the wonderful creation."

"Without a certain degree of trust or faith, we could become too fearful to even board a bus."

"All the scriptures proclaim that we are all God’s children. Hence we are all brothers and sisters although we speak different languages, have different colors and different religions. If we recognize and practice this culture of universal brotherhood and sisterhood because we have one common father, then the world will be a very different place."

"Humility means one does not impose his conceptions upon others and he is fully dependent on the mercy of the Lord."

"We have to inquire seriously about the meaning of our existence, what is the purpose of the human form of life, and why have come to this world."

"The happiness that we get through material things is very transient. Therefore, intelligent persons seek for permanent happiness."

"The distinction between the electron and the spiriton is the electron has no consciousness but the spiriton has consciousness."

"One must not waste a single minute, a single moment, in unnecessary activity."

"The student must have a very humble state of mind and also must be very inquisitive."

"... by careful study of science one can appreciate that consciousness is beyond matter, which is the conclusion of spiritual traditions."

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Other Titles by Dr. T. D. Singh


Life and Spiritual Evolution

Today, the concept of evolution has influenced the whole world. It is taught in almost all schools and colleges of the world and is influencing thousands of students around the globe every moment. Life, according to this paradigm, is the product of the lifeless cosmic dust particles (atoms and molecules), which have no meaning and purpose. However, all religious traditions of the world proclaim a divine meaning and higher purpose of life. Vedanta, the topmost philosophical treatise of spiritual and cultural heritage of India, provides a vivid description about life, its origin and meaning. Taking insights from the Vedantic literatures, the author, Dr. T. D. Singh, presents in this book a new holistic paradigm about life, incorporating the spiritual dimension of life and evolution of consciousness.

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Essays on Science and Religion

Science and religion are the two most dominant forces of humanity in the search for the ultimate meaning of life and the universe. Are these two forces reconcilable? If yes, what are the possible grounds for their synthesis? Could the recent developments in science and technology about human nature and the cosmos enable us to explore religious wisdom in new ways? In pivotal times like ours, what role could the science and religion dialogue play in restoring world peace? Moreover, what implications would this dialogue have on our future scientific researches? Reflecting on some of these profound issues, Dr. T. D. Singh (His Holiness Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami) presents in this volume four groundbreaking essays on science and religion, providing useful insights about the relationship between science and religion in our continuing quest for the deeper understanding of life and the universe.

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Towards a Culture of Harmony and Peace

Today, humanity is at a crossroads. We all feel tremendous anxiety, fear and unrest from terrorism and wars of various kinds. Thus every thinking person intensely yearns for harmony and peace in every corner of the globe. What are the ways and means for creating harmony and peace in this world where we have people with different cultures, religions, colors, nationalities, ideals, etc.? Could the various religious traditions of the world guide humanity towards harmony and peace instead of being the cause of conflicts as seen in the past? Could interfaith dialogue provide some help at this critical juncture of humanity? Could the two most dominant forces of humanity in the quest of ultimate reality - science and spirituality - be integrated to lead us to a peaceful world. (br/> Reflecting on some of these issues, the Bhaktivedanta Institute and the Delhi Peace Summit brings together in this volume the wisdom of some of the most prominent thinkers of the world including Dr. A. P. J. Kalam, the then President of India; Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India; six Nobel Laureates in Peace and three Nobel Laureates in Science. This volume, containing 42 contributors, will provide readers useful insights and practical action steps towards building a culture of harmony peace. Foreword by Desmond Tutu

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Thoughts on Synthesis of Science and Religion

This major publication by the Bhaktivedanta Institute contains learned articles on the synthesis of science and religion from 42 eminent scholars, religious leaders and scientists of the world including five Nobel Laureates. The volume was formally released as part of the annual Indian Science Congress and was highly appreciated by the then President of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. Containing seven main sections, the volume reflects upon possible grounds for the synthesis of science and religion and covers a wide variety of subject matter including faith, ethics, culture, consciousness, biology, quantum mechanics, ecology / environment, biomedical ethics for the 21st century, and world peace. It further explores the exciting and evocative work emerging in the fields of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, psychology, philosophy and vast body of spiritual and religious experiences.

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The Science of Interreligious Dialogue

As humanity marches into the new millennium, large-scale problems continue to threaten the well-being of multitudes of people. Yet, at the same time, there lies an anchor of hope and an abiding faith in the promise of the future. There is a gradual reawakening of the promise for peace whose echoes are steadily being heard throughout the world. The Science of Interreligious Dialogue is another milestone in reinforcing and deepening our commitments towards world peace through the interfaith journey. Touching briefly the key elements of the science of interfaith action, Dr. T. D. Singh presents in this volume the fundamentals of the science of interreligious harmony and understanding, thus broadening the horizons of our minds as well as that of our hearts. Dr. Singh is a unique personality whose life-long works focused on sciece-spirituality interface and promoting interfaith harmony for the welfare of humanity. These words by Dr. Singh, who has been a landmark figure on the world stage having initiated, inspired and guided numerous practical peace measures around the world, will inspire people of all ages from all over all the world, and foster their commitment towards a culture of interfaith harmony in our pursuit of a peaceful world.

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